The Big Bang
Season 7, Episode 23 (87)
Air date July 27, 2013
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Game Over
"So long."
Eugene's last words

"The Big Bang" is the twenty third episode of the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief.


The toys fight against Eugene and his co-moderators until only one side is victorious.


Arbiter and Chief stand off against Eugene. Eugene mocks the toys, stating that there are cheaper ways to be embarassed than buying another Xbox, and doing so implies being mentally handicapped. Arbiter retorts with "so does a bullet in the brain -- which you won't be leaving without". Eugene blames the Arbiter for Michelle breaking up with him, before shooting Arbiter and Chief, revealing them to be holograms. They fly around the corner in a falcon, and exchange fire with the three. Eugene hits the side of the falcon with his fuel rod, forcing Chief to land.

Eugene tells Tyler and Colin to split up. Tyler enters a tank, and uses it to attack Arbiter and Chief, who get into cover and switch to private chat, where they formulate a plan to kill Tyler. Chief distracts Tyler whilst Arbiter approaches him from behind. As Arbiter boards the tank, Tyler's dog, Charlie, starts barking, and Tyler hits him. This sends him over the edge, and he begins to attack Tyler. With him idle, Chief frags Tyler's avatar and his console. Colin then proceeds to take shots at them, forcing the toys to take cover again. Suddenly, the police breaks into Colin's house and arrests him under the suspicion that he has been soliciting sex from minors online. Arbiter takes advantage of this confusion, frags and bans Colin.

The Big Bang

Chief and Arbiter speechlessly look at Eugene's idle avatar.

Eugene, now the only one left, leaves the server. The toys search for him, but to no avail. Eugene invites them to another server, which they join, and come across his idle avatar. Arbiter asks him if he has anything to say before he bans him. After a long silence, Eugene says "so long", and a gunshot is heard over his microphone. His avatar stands still and silent, implying that Eugene committed suicide. They back away and turn to each other in silence. A young player runs up to Eugene, shoots him,  teabags him, and then runs off. The episode ends with the Arbiter and Chief speechlessly staring at his dead avatar.



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Episode How-TosEdit

  • HOW TO point out crippled metal handy cats
  • HOW TO blow smoke up somebody's ass
  • HOW TO rage quit life

Reception Edit

Reception for "The Big Bang" was frenzied and universally positive. Many praised the showdown between the toys and Eugene's clan. The ending was a focal point of the episode's feedback, with viewers hailing it as "dark" and "shocking". Fans have since lauded it as one of the most explosive and shocking moments of the series. 


  • There are no live-action scenes in this episode.
  • Tyler's voice actor, Jordan Kast, is not listed in the credits

Watch the episodeEdit

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E23 - "The Big Bang"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E23 - "The Big Bang"

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