The Gun Show
Season Hypermail, Episode 4
The Gun Show
Air date July 23, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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The Gun Show is the fourth episode of Hypermail: Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of viewer mail.


In this episode, Arbiter and Chief are on the kitchen counter again. They get straight to the mail.

From Bernard Brown:

"Your show sucks incomplete balls. It revolves around two fucking toys and is boring as hell. There is no compassion and It's just mediocore at best. Jon still writes it because all his hookers decided to leave him. You two should just kill each other.

From Bernard Brown." - Chief says that if he doesn't like this show, there is a much better show that he can watch called "The Gun Show", and tells him to suck their complete balls. Arbiter wonders what Bernard meant by "incomplete" balls, and tells him that they do have compassion.

From Arbiter's Mom:

"Arbiter why are you so gay? Master chief can we please have sex again and you can slap my ass LOL


Arbiter's Mom" - Chief finds it hilarious, while Arbiter tells his fake mother that she can't be having sex with Chief all the time.

From Ansley:

"Dear Arbiter and Chief,

First off, I love Hypermail!!! Please don't stop making it :) But on to my question, my boyfriend says I spend way too much of my time playing video games :( What's your opinions on that?

<3 always

Ansley" - Chief refuses to believe that Ansley is a girl, since he believes that girls don't play video games. Arbiter tells Ansley that they should find a game that they can both play, or she could find out about his interests.

From Noah:

"Dear Chief

Take a magnifying glass, hold it up to the sun, and stare at the light for five to ten minutes.

By the way I find it hard to believe that you have sex with anyone's mom since you're so busy sucking shit at halo

Sincerely, Noah" - Master Chief tells him that he's awesome at Halo and still has enough time to fuck both Arbiter's mom and Noah's mom at the same time.

Then Arbiter tells Chief that the magnifying glass idea sounds interesting, and that Chief should try it out, since he'd see a lot of interesting things. Chief decides to give it a try, but his head starts to hurt.



  • Bernard Brown is a character from another machinima created by Jon Graham, "Hard Justice".

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Hypermail "The Gun Show"

Hypermail "The Gun Show"