The Storm
Season 6, Episode 7 (58)
Air date September 10, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Fired Up
"You're not hearing me Chief. This isn't a fucking negotiation, I'm telling you. You're gonna behave this time."
Arbiter to Master Chief.

"The Storm" is the seventh episode of the sixth season of Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

Arbiter makes a last-ditch effort to retain the toys' positions on the TOSERS moderation force.

Plot Edit

Having been banned from TOSERS, Chief and Arbiter run into Stephen. He tells them that he is now a level 3 moderator, and after being congratulated, wishes Arbiter and Chief good luck.

After some time passes, Arbiter returns to Leonard, unwilling to accept being banned again and being stuck with Chief for the rest of his life. He tells Leonard that Stephen had told them previously that they were sending moderators into private networks in order to locate the hacks used by Chaos Theosis. He requests that Leonard keep them on the force so that they can search for them. Leonard initially refuses, but after Arbiter tells him that they were involved with the Donnovich wedding crash and that they are more experienced with hack threats, Leonard grudgingly reinstates them. Chief is also gets promoted (albeit reluctantly) to a level 0 so that he can have a fighting chance. Meanwhile, an unnamed moderator has located the hacks in one of the system link servers, and is going to make an exchange with the hackers for them. When he is inside their base, the hackers reveal his status as a moderator, and frag him.

Later, Chief is on the computer downloading an obscenely high amount of porn, while Arbiter is downloading another file that they need. Observing a storm that is approaching, Arbiter learns that the porn is taking up the bandwith and cancels it. After the file is acquired, Arbiter convinces Chief to behave himself and informs him that he has not only been reinstated, but promoted to a level 0. The duo then enter the system link tunnels. 

Chief and Arbiter search for five hours across the forum, listening to kids arguing with each other. Having found not a single lead, they run into somebody using various mods, and ask him if he knows about the Fragban hacks. He tells him that a red elite nearby knows, and they talk to him.

The elite takes them to the hacker's base. They get in, and find out that the price for the hacks is two million credits. The hackers check to see if Arbiter and Chief show up on the list of known moderators, which they don't. Unfortunately, Arbiter and Chief don't have the requested amount of credits and ask if they could give what they have and pay the rest in small inistallments later.

Then, Adam and Clyde show up, recognizing Arbiter and Chief from before.

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO get discharged from TOSERS
  • HOW TO keep your dad waiting
  • HOW TO download eight hundred gigs of sexy porn
  • HOW TO infiltrate virtual private networks undercover
  • HOW TO buy 1337 sexy hacks

Reception Edit

"The Storm" received beyond universal acclaim upon its release.

Trivia Edit

  • The voice actors who played the role of the unnamed hacker leader, as well as one of the other hackers, is uncredited.

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"The Storm"

"The Storm"