Time Wasters
Season 5, Episode 7 (45)
Time Wasters
Air date March 5th, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Time Wasters is the seventh episode of Season 5 in Arby 'n' the Chief.

Summary Edit

A previously encountered matchmaking player calls out Master Chief on his complete lack of skill, and Chief goes to Arbiter for some training. Arbiter apologizes to Claire for his drunken remarks from before.

Plot Edit

Chief is playing Halo: Reach online again. He continues to play poorly, and is going through all the armor abilities. He runs into Timothy again, who calls him out for his poor skills. He is more harsh about it this time though, which upsets Chief.

Chief goes to Arbiter, who is checking how many views Hypernews has. It isn't doing that great yet. Chief asks Arbiter to help him play good at Halo. Arbiter refuses, saying that Chief is an asshole and a waste of time. Chief leaves, being very sad.

Arbiter meets Claire in a game and apologizes for his behaviour during Drunken Halo. She accepts his apology and leaves to keep playing with her clan.

Chief is drawing dicks again to pass the time. Arbiter visits him and Chief tells him to go away. Arbiter tells Chief that he'll teach him to be good at Halo.

They end up training, with Chief still being poor. Arbiter says Chief has to kill him with the sniper while he is moving. It takes Chief fourteen minutes, but he manages it. They continue to practice.

Later, Arbiter meets Claire again while playing a game on Reach. She tells him that she was browsing the internet when she came across a video called Hypernews. She tells them that it's featured and the views got really high. Happy for it's success, Chief, Arbiter and Greg decide to make another one.

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Transcript​ Edit

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Episode How-Tos Edit

  • HOW TO be the worst player on Halo: Reach matchmaking
  • HOW TO tell someone off like a boss
  • HOW TO be a loveless loser
  • HOW TO land a headshot in fourteen minutes
  • HOW TO make the best time-travelling retro gaming news show with toys ever

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"Time Wasters"

"Time Wasters"

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