Timothy on Boardwalk
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Underground Hackers (formerly)
First Appearance Duck Love
Last Appearance Cheaters
Status: Unknown
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown

Timothy is an Xbox LIVE gamer, and a former underground hacker.


As a former hacker, Timothy has a range of knowledge about software and computing. He instantly recognized Master Chief and Arbiter's synthetic voices. Timothy also regularly uses sarcasm in conversation, but took on a more serious tone when conversing with the hackers.

Season 5Edit

Timothy first met Master Chief during a game of Halo: Reach matchmaking, and along with Cody, criticized Chief's poor skill and crude behaviour. Timothy encountered Chief again several days later, where he recognized Chief, and once again criticized his skill and poor intelligence.

During the day of Trent Donnovich's wedding, Master Chief met Timothy again, along with Arbiter, after they had been blocked from accessing the wedding's server. Timothy noted that Chief's skill has improved and asked them why they were in a bad mood. They explained to him about Trent's affair, and that they were prevented from accessing the wedding's server or from contacting Claire. Seeing it as a serious issue, Timothy decided to help the duo, revealing to them his status as a former hacker, and brought them to the server belonging to his affiliates, in order to ask them to help bypass the server ban. However, the hackers were furious at him for bringing Chief and Arbiter there, decided to use him to test their hacks, and fragged him.


  • Timothy's death is foreshadowed in "Cheaters"; when he is talking to the toys, there is a line of bullet holes leading up to his visor. This foreshadows his death in the next scene. Jon intended for this effect, as he clarified in his director's commentary of "Cheaters".
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