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Trent's Church is a map used in Season 5 and Season 6. It was made using Forge Mode, and the only thing that has been changed is the addition of the church which is by the island. It is where Trent Donnovich and Claire were getting married while Arbiter and Chief were attacking the church.

The church has a few sections, the parking lot, the church itself and the roof.

The parking lot was full of cars, of course. It was defended by Cameron Jones and Cody Hammond, the MLG players. Arbiter and Chief used their cheats to destroy all the cars on the parking lot to distract the two so that they can assassinate them. Later, Greg showed up here to frag everyone except Trent again when they had their bans lifted.

The church itself was, obviously, where the wedding took place. It had fusion coils on the altar. However, they weren't used to stop the wedding. On the roof, there was a falcon. It was used by Brittany and Victoria Donnovich to fight Arbiter and Chief.

Trent's Church

Trent's Church, seen from the outside.

The church also made another appearance In the episode Severance, when Trent Donnovich met Justin outside to receive the Permanent Denial of Service file, to automatically shut down the Online Multiplayer Network after Chaos Theosis failed him. Arbiter and Chief showed up, and attacked him, forcing him to retreat to the church itself. In The Reunion, after Trent reveals information about his motives, the hacks and Chaos Theosis to Arbiter and Chief, Trent escapes to the top of the church with Chief going after him, while Arbiter frags Justin. Trent gets in to a Falcon and manages to escape to another server.