Two Betrayals
Season LA, Episode 8
LA 8
Air date March 13, 2009
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Ian Beckman
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Two Betrayals is the eighth episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A.

Plot Edit

The Chief, wanting the Xbox to himself to play Halo 3, tells Sonic that Mario wants to see him. Sonic, worried, leaves the Chief alone with the Xbox. Meanwhile, Mario is still shooting down Luigi's Mansion, pointing out that while Luigi only saved Mario once in that game, whereas Mario has saved Luigi countless times over the decades.

The Arbiter and Toad arrive, and Mario demands the Arbiter's decision. The Arbiter accepts Mario's offer to allow him to stay on the condition that the Chief be kicked out. At that moment, Sonic arrives and begs Mario not to hurt him, as he had only just heard from the Chief that he wanted to see him. After the Chief complains again about the map Boundless (another version of Snowbound), Mario storms into the room and, after a brief argument, throws the Chief out while the Arbiter looks on. The episode ends with a shot of the sad Master Chief sitting outside the door of the shop.

Transcript ​Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • Mario says that Luigi only rescued him once in Luigi's Mansion, but Luigi did rescue Mario before Luigi's Mansion, in an NES video game called "Mario is Missing".

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"Two Betrayals"

"Two Betrayals"