Two Point Zero
Season 7, Episode 7 (71)
Air date September 15, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"The consequences will never be the same again."

Two Point Zero is the seventh episode of the seventh season of Arby 'n' the Chief. Following its release, Jon Graham took a hiatus from the series in order to re-evaluate his position at Machinima as well as the series' future. Because of this, "Two Point Zero" was dubbed a mid-season finale. [1]

Summary Edit

Master Chief is forced to take action when Greg's guilt over concealing Arbiter from the truth regarding Cortana's disappearance becomes too much for him to handle. Arbiter is beckoned unexpectedly by an acquaintance for help.

Plot Edit

Multiple gamers are taking part in a match of Halo: Reach slayer. One kid in particular named Jeremy halts for a moment, having just joined the game. He is speaking to his uncle, Joe, who asks if he's finished setting up his "Cube-Station 64" (a mistaken mixup of gaming consoles GameCube, PlayStation and Nintendo 64), to which he excitedly replies that he's already playing with other people online. As Jeremy, continues to talk to Joe, another player overhears their conversation and tells Jeremy to take part in the game. Jeremy ignores him to continue talking to his uncle, and tells him how much he appreciates getting Xbox LIVE for the first time. His uncle compliments him for his ability to set up LIVE by himself and tells him to have fun on "Gears of Duty" (another mistaken mixup of the games Gears of War and Call of Duty) before being assassinated in-game.

In another match, a player attempts to run towards the end of the map, but is sniped by Eugene Black, who is standing atop a ledge nearby, talking to his friend, Tyler, and asking him about his recent encounter with another student in school. Tyler claims that the victim didn't see him, as he simply slammed his head into a wall and left, leaving the victim crying and bleeding. Tyler asks Eugene where their friend Colin has been, and Eugene replies that he hopes that Colin isn't up to his "old tricks" again.

At Jon's house, Arbiter starts picking up his spilled cereal from the night before as Master Chief walks in the room, teasing Arbiter about how he should have the cereal in his mouth, rather than on the ground. Chief is wearing a fancy hand-made suit and is covered in cigarettes taped to his body, while holding one in both hands. Arbiter classifies this as ridiculousness and Chief wonders what is wrong with smoking if he's only a toy, due to the fact he was made out of plastic and had no vital organs. He jokes about getting cancer, and Arbiter says he doubts cancer will appear, but he still discourages Chief from smoking because of the negative mental effects it might have on him.

Greg is meanwhile writing a series of notes explaining the true fate of Cortana; however, he hides the stack of notes under a basket after hearing Chief who wants to hang out with him. They go to the bathroom, with Chief bringing Jon's liquor stash from above the fridge. Chief offers him a glass and a cigarette and tries to engage in a conversation, asking him about "hot ass spider bitches" he had. When Greg answers that there were none, Chief boasts that he can "hook him up with one" and tells him he should work on his muscles. Greg explains that he, being a spider, has no muscles to begin with and asks Chief to stop smoking. Chief rebutts with the same reason he told to Arbiter: being plastic, he cannot get cancer.

Meanwhile, Arbiter meets Michelle in-game. She explains that she wants advice about Eugene, after their argument during the last game they played, and that Arbiter is the only person she can refer to, because she doesn't trust his other friends. Then she tells him that Eugene sometimes seems insincere and cruel to her, and his behaviour unbearable, and asks him whether their relationship is worth it. Arbiter answers that everyone wears masks and has capacity to cruelty, then suggests that it might be a breakdown related to his sister's health. He tells her to give Eugene some time.

Meanwhile, Brody and Kyle meet in-game, the latter talking about an attractive substitute chemistry teacher. Brody is not in the mood and tells Kyle that he has been hit in school and is now severely injured, and explains that this was the reason for his absence from school.

Arbiter and Master Chief meet Eugene in his server, along with Tyler. Eugene angrily confronts Arbiter about his meeting with Michelle, to which he replies he said nothing detrimental; the confrontation turns out to be a prank. Eugene thanks Arbiter for his intervention and offers the protagonists to join his clan. They both accept, after a bit of hesitation from Arbiter.

Greg approaches Arbiter with a stack of notes with his confession, which turns out to be swapped by Chief for an obscene drawing of him sucking a penis. Chief takes Greg to the bathroom to confront him about it; Greg tells him that their agreement is unfair and that he feels unjustly resented by Arbiter while Chief gets away with murder. Chief retorts that Arbiter has been recovering, and that revealing the truth will worsen his condition, finally accusing Greg of being selfish (or "shell fish" as he said it).


The first use of the Fragban 2.0.

Eugene talks to his sister over the phone; when they are finished talking, Colin approaches him and Tyler to reveal his latest achievement: an upgraded Fragban exploit called "Fragban 2.0". Colin demonstrates its capabilities by fragging Jeremy from before, who talks to them in a desperate attempt to make friends, moments before Colin frags him with a pistol. The group congratulates Colin on his work and decides to use it throughout games. Before they do so, Colin gives them an explanation about how the hack is operated and performed.

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Episode How-tos Edit

  • HOW TO be a hip uncle
  • HOW TO get some fine-ass spider tail
  • HOW TO live with your auntie and uncle in Bel-Air
  • HOW TO be shell fish
  • HOW TO make friends online

Reception Edit

The episode has received extremely positive reception from both fans and viewers; however, the opening scene with the player Jeremy and his pedophiliac uncle along with the re-introduction of "Fragban" received largely mixed reception.

Trivia Edit

  • This episode, much like its predecessor, was delayed; it was originally intended to be aired on the day that the Bytes episode "A Pirate's Life" was aired (September 1, 2012), but was first pushed back to September 8, 2012 because of its very lengthy script. Jon has also said that he gave the man in charge of collecting voice overs some time off. However, because Jon started his second year of film school around the start of September, he was forced to push the episode even further to September 15 and add another Bytes episode on the 8th.
  • This is the longest episode of the seventh season, with a run-time of over 30 minutes. This is also the fifth longest episode of the series, behind Fatal Exception, Endgame, The Reunion, and Collapse. It should be noted that this is not a finale or special episode of the show marking the first time a standard episode has been drawn out so long.
  • A Director's Commentary for this episode was released on October 14, 2012.
  • The character which shows up in the first scene's background means "dragon".

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Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E07 - "Two Point Zero"

Arby 'n' the Chief - S7E07 - "Two Point Zero"


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