Tyler King
Tyler King
Tyler's in-game model.
Voice Actor Khail Anonymous ("Barbie 'n' the Chief")

Rob Talbert ("Massive Damage" to "Two Point Zero")
Jordan Kast ("Blast Radius" to "Ignition")

Gender Male
Affiliations Eugene Black's Clan
First Appearance Reapers
Last Appearance Ignition
Status: Deceased
Online Status Fragged
Gamertag Unknown
"I never turn down an opportunity to carve up some bacon!"
— Tyler in "Ignition"

Tyler King was the tertiary antagonist of season 7


Tyler was a violent, short-tempered slacker who smoked marijuana frequently and was failing school due to skipping lessons and not doing work on time as a result.

Tyler had been friends with Eugene since they've gone to elementary school. Though Eugene Black is his leader and best friend, there are times in which Tyler doesn't respect him fully. When the RP gamers insulted Eugene for crying, Tyler seemed to mock him by saying "You were crying?!" whilst sneering. Tyler also didn't seem to fully respect Colin, as he got confrontational and disrespectful when restricted use of Fragban was being imposed by Colin. when meeting Arbiter and Master Chief, Tyler takes a quick liking towards Chief due to how similar both of their personalities are, with them both being vulgar and violent.

Tyler had shown that he could be quite violent, displaying signs of psychopathy. He attacked his classmate Brody in retaliation for comments regarding his and Eugene's grades, showing no remorse and even laughing at the injuries Brody suffered. Also, Tyler physically abuses his dog, Charlie, if he is not quiet. It is also shown that he breaks his controllers whenever something goes wrong (Colin apparently kept count). 

Season 7Edit

Tyler was one of the two co-moderators of a merciless clan of trolls, along with Colin Hunt, and a high-schooler who is aquainted with Eugene Black since elementary school and considered him to be his best friend. Tyler spent most of his time trolling in online matches along with Eugene and Colin. Like Eugene, he was apathetic towards school and was failing most of his classes.

He joined Eugene and Colin as they joined an RP server without permission, with the intention of causing trouble. They encountered two colleagues from their school, Brody Mitchell and Kyle Mathison, who recognized him and Eugene. Brody criticized them both for their unsatisfactory grades, and Eugene for crying at school. In retaliation, Tyler snuck up on Brody, and punched him in the face the following day, and then left before Brody could recognize him.

Tyler first met Arbiter and Master Chief when they joined Eugene's server. Tyler recognized them both as the ones who crashed Trent Donnovich's wedding, and instantly took a liking to them.

Tyler was present when Colin first tested Fragban 2.0. After the test, Colin allowed them both to download it from his server, but Tyler was unable to do so because his computer wouldn't boot up. Instead, Eugene  gave him a copy on a USB the following day while they were at school. Shortly afterwards, Brody, who had overheard their exchange, stole the USB from Tyler, who was intoxicated at the time, duplicated a copy of the files for himself, and returned it.

When he returned online with Fragban active on his console, Tyler went on a banning spree, until Colin told him that any further use of Fragban was prohibited until he allowed it. Tyler insulted Colin and refused to comply, until Colin threatened to ban him unless he did. Colin also told Tyler that he doesn't trust him, and considers him to be a liability. Tyler agreed to stop using Fragban until Colin allowed it, calling him a "pussy" in the process.

When Colin decided that it was safe to use Fragban, Tyler joined Eugene and Colin, as well as Arbiter and Chief, who had also joined the clan and been allowed Fragban, and continued fragging and banning players all over the network. Six weeks later, Eugene told Tyler about an online in-game funeral, taking place in Halo: Reach, that the clan was planning to crash. When the day of the funeral arrived, Tyler fragged the moderators of the funeral using a heavy machine gun. After all of the moderators were banned, Tyler used his machine gun to frag everyone attending the funeral.

After the clan discovered that Brody and Kyle had acquired Fragban, Tyler spent an entire day watching Kyle's house, waiting for him to leave so that he could confront him. However, Kyle never left the house. When he returned online, Tyler informed Eugene.

Tyler was present when Eugene confronted Brody, who threatened to "sic Tyler on him" if he continued his efforts to stop the clan.

When Arbiter and Chief left Eugene's clan, and attempted to frag them, Tyler located a tank in the server they were in, and attempted to frag Chief, who at the moment was distracting him. After a few unsuccessful shots his dog Charlie came into his room and started barking. Annoyed, Tyler struck him to which Charlie snapped and started mauling him, allowing the toys to use his idleness as an opportunity to frag him. It's possible that after being fragged, Tyler went into a fit of rage and killed Charlie.

Afterwards, Tyler visited Eugene's house to find his corpse and splattered brain matter. He also found out that Colin was incarcerated. He used data from a digital image from Jon's blog to locate his IP address, and through that, his apartment address, in order to find the toys. Tyler then subsequently booked a flight to Vancouver and knocked on the door of Jon's apartment, posing as a courier,  but Arbiter recognized his voice. Tyler attempted to talk the Arbiter into letting him in the apartment, but he was doubtful and denied him entrance. They both discussed Eugene's suicide and the impact on Tyler's life it had. Arbiter apologized, but told Tyler to explicitly leave before he called the authorities. Tyler didn't comply and revved up a chainsaw to saw the door. Just that moment, a police officer arrived on the scene and warned him to put the tool down and stop what he was doing before he shot him. Tyler refused to back down, and proceeded to attack the officer with his chainsaw, but was shot and killed by him, his blood leaking through the apartment's mailbox.


  • Tyler has had more voice actors than any other character in the series, with a total of three, with them being Khail AnonymousRob Talbert, and Jordan Kast. In the episode Barbie 'n' the Chief, Tyler is voiced by Khail Anonymous, but in all subsequent appearances he is voiced by Rob Talbert until Blast Radius, where Jordan Kast takes over for the role.
  • It is implied that Tyler is from the United States.
  • Like Colin, in The Big Bang, Tyler's armour colour changes during the episode. This can also be seen throughout the series.
  • He is the only member of Eugene's clan to be both fragged and deceased.
  • Tyler is similar to Adam McIntyre from Season 6. Both are members of a notorious clan of hackers who frag anyone they come across, are very malicious during matches, have very foul mouths, have short tempers, abusive to another living creature (Tyler physically abuses his dog Charlie whereas Adam verbally abuses his mother) both where fragged during a stand off against both Arbiter & Chief (Tyler gets mauled by Charlie and Adam is dragged away by Gordon Jones) which gives them enough time to frag both. Lastly, both were voiced by Khail Anonymous at some points.