Underground Hackers

Type Hacker Clan
Status Unknown
Date of formation Unknown
Leader Hacker Leader
Notable members Nathan

Justin (supplier)

The underground hackers were a tight group of hackers that used the earliest version of Fragban. Fragban was provided to them by Justin, a software engineer, who developed it. They also ran a forum, where their members registered.

The hackers agreed to distribute Fragban to Arbiter and Master Chief, who needed it to crash the Donnovich wedding.

After his wedding was crashed, Trent Donnovich, who had been hired to find a way to shut down the OMN, spoke to the underground hackers, having remembered Arbiter and Chief's use of hacks. The hackers lead Trent to Justin.



The Leader (Khail Anonymous)
The leader of the group resided within their base in a Halo: Reach server. He took their operations very seriously. When Timothy brought Arbiter and Chief to him, he was furious at him for bringing people who weren't members to their server, and was also annoyed by the synthetic voices used by Arbiter and Chief. He decided to use the trio as a test for their hacks. Although Timothy was fragged, Arbiter was able to convince the leader to allow them to use the hacks to crash Trent's wedding instead, and he helped them bypass their server ban.
Nathan (Jon Graham)
Nathan served as a guard for the base. He used software to distort his voice, for unknown reasons. Timothy was able to convince Nathan to allow him, Arbiter and Chief to ask the leader to help them. Nathan banned Timothy when the leader ordered him to, so that he could be used as a test for their hacks.


Timothy (Jon Graham)
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Justin (Kris Boruff)
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