Victoria Donnovich
Victoria, as she appears in Arby 'n' the Chief.
Voice Actor JC Cheng
Gender Female
Affiliations Trent Donnovich's Staff
First Appearance House of Cards
Last Appearance Collapse
Status: Fragged
Online Status Unknown
Gamertag Unknown

Victoria Donnovich is one of Trent Donnovich's sisters, along with Brittany Donnovich, and is a supporting antagonist in season 5. She was banned when Master Chief shot down their falcon with a spartan laser during "Collapse".


  • She shares the same armor and primary color with her sister. The only difference between the two is she has purple secondary instead of white.
  • Despite not appearing in the season, both of Trent's sisters are mentioned during the finale of season 6, where Trent reveals that ever since his affair was exposed he hasn't spoken to either of his sisters after the incident.
  • Victoria is apparently very intrusive on Trent's life, to the point where he comments that she "smothers" him at times.