Voices of Raisins
Season Hypermail, Episode 8
Voices of Raisins
Air date September 17, 2011
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Voices of Raisins is the eighth episode of Hypermail: Season 1.


Master Chief and the Arbiter answer another batch of viewer mail.


The episode begins with Chief standing in front of the camera by himself. He is trying to get money from other people by telling them how bad his life is, saying that he is hungry, he lives with Arbiter, and he doesn't have any booze or barbies and he can't afford Halo: Combat Evolved Anniversary. He is starting up the "mastur ch33fs :D foundayshun" (Master Chief's Happy Face Foundation) to gather donations of 100$ per month to make himself happy.

Arbiter finds Chief, and notices that he's set everything up. He asks what he's doing. Chief doesn't tell him.

For this episode, the two sit on the bed. They discuss the cliffhanger from the previous episode, as well as how many people watch Hypermail. After that, they start the mail.

From Robert:

"I actually just shit myself while trying to think of something to say.

Sincerely, Robert." - Chief makes another reference to "The Gun Show", and Arbiter says that he is sorry to hear that.

From Jed:

"Dear Chief,

Please throw something at John and tell him to stop complaining about his job, even if it is using toys he is still an awesome director and he entertains thousands.

Also, which Halo is your favourite halo?

- Jed" - Chief throws a spoon at Jon's head. He also tells Jed that the best Halo is Halo 6, being that he follows the logic that, Newest Halo = Best Halo.

From Past Arbiter:

"Dear Arbiter,

Why are you always so touchy about being homophobic now? You used to say "faggot" and use "gay" in an insulting way all the time. What happened?

- Past Arbiter - Arbiter says that he doesn't remember doing that. He says that the word "faggot" can be offensive, something that the show isn't supposed to do. He says that he is supposed to be the voice of reason on the show. He tells past Arbiter to beat the shit out of past Chief for him as well.

After that last mail, Chief tells everyone to remember. Arbiter suspects that he was trying to bribe people for money again. Chief punches Arbiter.



  • The title comes from a line said by Chief, responding to Arbiter saying that he is the voice of reason.

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Hypermail "Voices of Raisins"

Hypermail "Voices of Raisins"