Walking in LA
Season LA, Episode 2
LA 2
Air date November 20, 2009
Written by Ron Campbell

Rob Talbert

Directed by TC Harrison
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Walking in LA is the second episode of Arby 'n' the Chief in L.A..

Plot Edit

The Arbiter awakes inside an overturned box on the streets of Los Angeles, complaining that he feels terrible, and asks the Chief how he feels. The Chief responds that he smells like cat piss. Arbiter points out that if he bothered to clean up once in a while, he would smell better; Chief retorts that he always smells like roses. The Arbiter points out the Chief's inconsistency - he had just said that he smelled like cat piss - but the Chief answers that he smelled like roses which a cat had urinated on.

Angrily, the Chief complains that this is "some adventure": the two have no home, no sofa, and most importantly, no Xbox. The Arbiter then makes the Chief tour around Los Angeles, visiting Hollywood, the beach, and other locations. The scene then cuts to an intense duel in Halo 3 between two MLG players. One manages to kill the other with a plasma grenade, and the victor is revealed to be Chief. In a parallel to the first episode of the original series, the commentator says that he "wouldn't be surprised if Bungie made him his own special armor that would make Recon look like a silly pink dress that only women wear." The Chief proceeds to teabag the other player, but is awoken out of his daydream (again) by the Arbiter.

It is revealed that the Chief has crudely improvised an Xbox controller out of a TV remote, a couch out of an empty box of tissues with a piece of torn towel, and an Xbox and television out of a large jug with an illustration of stick figures shooting at each other. The Chief insists that this was a vision of the future, but the Arbiter calls this stupid and tells the Chief that they are going to the zoo, suggesting that the Chief can throw feces back at the monkeys. The Chief at this point is tired of adventures and decides to set out to find an Xbox so that his vision will come true, before strolling down an alley. The Arbiter follows him and finds the remains of numerous action figures strewn across the ground. A dog approaches him, but is scared away by the Chief wearing a piece of black cloth. The two set off to the zoo.

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"Walking in LA"

"Walking in LA"