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[The episode starts with a scenic display of the areas in LA, the first being a Ferris Wheel before switching to a shot on the beach. It then cuts to an alley littered with rubbish, a cardboard box included. Arbiter is found inside, rising from a slumber with only a newspaper to keep him warm.]

  • Arbiter: Oh man. I feel like shit. How about you Chief?

Arbiter looks around for Chief.

  • Arbiter: Chief?

Chief peers down from atop the cardboard box that Arbiter was previously sleeping in, surprising Arbiter.

  • Arbiter: CHRIST! What the hell are you doing up there?
  • Chief: therz no wyes im getnig insdies a bxo evr agn

Chief falls off.

  • Chief: Fuuuuk/ i smelz lik cta piss
  • Arbiter: Maybe if you bothered to clean yourself once in a while, you wouldn’t smell like shit all the time.
  • Chief: shtu up i alwys smelz lik roziz
  • Arbiter: You just said you smell like cat piss.
  • Chief: roziz thts a cta has pisd on/ dubm ass

Chief proceeds to kick the cardboard box.

  • Chief: sum advntur arbitr/ we has no hom no sofa/ and no XBOX/ hwo r wez wupozde 2 has an advntur with no xbox
  • Arbiter: Come on. (Proceeds to walk away. Chief follows.)

[Scene changes to a traveling montage featuring the following: Chief and Arbiter viewing the Hollywood sign from a distance, Chief and Arbiter sitting out the front of a Chinese cultural museum, Chief and Arbiter posing by Michael Jackson’s Walk of Fame star, Chief and Arbiter (possibly) entering a nightclub/gay bar and then running out, Chief and Arbiter sitting atop a chain link fence as they watch the planes move about the runway, and finally Chief and Arbiter watching the sunset from the beach.]

[The scene switches to gameplay of Halo 3 on the map Exile, where players appear to be shooting at one another.]

GAME ANNOUNCER: What a contest! This is one of the stunning performances ever in the history of competitive gaming! Never have I seen such an amazing player rise from the depths of obscurity to take a legitimate run for the title of Greatest Major League Halo Player Champion of the World of All Time!

[Gameplay continues as the two player combat each other, before the green player jumps off a ledge, does a 180 degree spin and throws a plasma grenade at the blue player’s face, which then proceeds to blow up and kill the blue player.]

GAME ANNOUNCER: Holy cow! And just like that, we have a winner! He’s set so many records that I wouldn’t be surprised if Bungie made him his own special armour that would make Recon look like a silly pink dress that only women would wear!

  • Arbiter: Hey, Chief! Snap out of it, Chief.

[The scene changes to Chief holding a makeshift console controller that seems to be apart of an entire fake Xbox set, comprised of a weed-poison bottle that has been drawn all over to represent a TV and another bottle underneath to signify the Xbox.]

  • Chief: Nooooooo/ WTF/ I waz the best halo plyr in history/ and gts specil bungiez armroz and evrythnig
  • Arbiter: You were daydreaming.
  • Chief: no it wsa the futures/ I wsa seigns mai flahs 4wrds lik on tv
  • Arbiter: I think that may be the stupidest thing you’ve ever said. Come on. Let’s go to the zoo. You can throw crap back at the monkeys.
  • Chief: no. no more advnturz/ I’m going 2 find xbox so mai futures wil cum tru (walks away)
  • Arbiter: FINE! GO THAT WAY!

[Brief pause.]

  • Arbiter: Chief?

[Thrilling music plays as Arbiter views his very open, very agoraphobic-inducing surroundings.]

  • Arbiter: I have a bad feeling about this.

[Arbiter walks along, following Chief as he looks at his surroundings. Chewed and dismembered action figurines lay strewn along the ground. Arbiter continues walking, but is however stopped by an imposing dog.]

  • Arbiter: Good doggie. Nice pooch.

[The dog rises, then runs away as a hooded figure approaches from behind Arbiter. He turns and views the hooded figure, who then reveals himself.]

  • Chief: helo ther
  • Arbiter: Chief? What the…
  • Chief: i cudnts leevs u on the sityz meen strets/ besdis u neds mai supre jedi powres/ kans we sttil go thro shts at the munkes
  • Arbiter: Sure.
  • Chief: :)