Season 8, Episode 8 (97)
Air date March 24, 2017
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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"Warhead" is the eighth episode of the eighth season of Arby 'n' the Chief and the finale of the first act.

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In a brief flashback, Cortana and Arbiter wonder what is waiting for them at the end of their journey. Cortana says they are on a mission to find the truth and that they will get there no matter the obstacle.

Back in the present, the Space Allens continue to move throughout the ship, looking for crew members to rape. On the bridge, Arbiter is in disbelief of the situation and quickly hides when the allens reach the bridge. He sprints away but not before one of them spots him and goes after him. Arbiter tries to get PAL working again to help him but to avail and leaves the room to deal with the Allens himself. The Allen that followed Arbiter reaches the armory and finds Arbiter with his pistol aimed at him. While the Allen boasts that his pistol won't crack his shield, in response Arbiter aims for a nearby activated proximity mine and fires, killing the Allen. Arbiter then tells the Allen on the bridge to take the rest of his race and leave. The Allen however calls Arbiter's bluff (having earlier learned of the rest of the crew's dead bodies who were earlier killed by PAL) and threatens him just as another Allen suddenly appears besides Arbiter and fires, forcing him to flee to the cargo bay. The Allen quickly follows but is baited into a trap, as Arbiter shoots a missile loaded with nerve gas that quickly poisons and kills the Allen. Finally, Arbiter sneaks back into the Control Room and murders the last Allen on board.

Arbiter threatens Zanthar once more to leave his ship, only to learn from Zanthar that many more Allens have already commandeered the Truth & Reconciliation (per the request of the last Allen to send in re-enforcements.) Realizing that there are too many to fight back against, Arbiter laments in despair, only to be confronted by the manifestation of Eugene once more. Eugene insists that Arbiter take out all the Allens by detonating the bombs in the cargo bay (even though doing so would kill Arbiter as well) mocking him when Arbiter refuses to do such a cowardly act. The hallucinations of Eugene suddenly become more malevolent, provoking Arbiter by reminding him that prior to his suicide that they were once friends until Arbiter and Chief learned the truth, as well as that Arbiter was already miserable as it was before meeting him, insisting that he fight back from (sic) "letting life hold him down and fuck him repeatedly".

This time, taking Eugene's words to heart, Arbiter arms himself with the heavy machine gun and proceeds to gun down the entire squadron of Allens that have arrived on the ship, even killing some of them with melee kills and his other weapons on hand (pistol and shotgun). Shortly after killing off the squadron though, a trio of Allens find him and ambush him while he's catching his breath. The Allens pursue Arbiter in a Warthog, but as they find an opening, they are ambushed in return when Arbiter blows up their Warthog with a Scorpion Tank, killing all but one of the trio. Upon questioning the dying Allen though, Arbiter is shocked to learn that hundreds of Allens are trying to commandeer the Truth & Reconciliation, leaving any sort of resistance futile. Realizing that there is only one way to eradicate the invading Allens, Arbiter heads to the Cargo Bay and is stopped by another group of Allens just as he aims his Pistol at one of the Warheads on the Ship. Arbiter again tries to order the Allens to leave the ship, only for it to once again fall on deaf ears, with the Allens demanding that Arbiter accept being raped by them and Zanthar. When the Allens advance, Arbiter begs for forgiveness and pulls the trigger...

Meanwhile back in Jon's New Apartment, Master Chief is still impatiently waiting for the Xbox 360's security update to finish installing, complaining about Microsoft being incompetent. While waiting, Chief decides to occupy his time by searching for internet memes, only to discover Pepe the Frog, which he takes in interest in. While collecting Pepe memes, Chief idly notices that it is now 2017 and that 4 years have passed since he and Arbiter died, only to resume looking for more memes. Suddenly while bragging at the still-in-stasis Arbiter of his discovery of the meme, Arbiter finally comes to life with his restored memories and personality. Struggling out of the box and stunned by the implications of his return, Arbiter is confronted by Chief, who warmly welcomes him back to life. Arbiter however only responds with a silent "No."

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