Well Hung
Season 1, Episode 1 (1)
Well Hung Episode Photo
Air date March 31, 2012
Written by Jon Graham
Directed by Jon Graham
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Well Hung is the first episode of the first season of Arby 'n' The Chief - Bytes.


Arbiter peeks into the bathroom seeking Chief wondering where Jon's PSP Go is and discovers that Chief has found the solution to all of Jon's problems.


Chief's nasty fall

Chief's nasty fall.

Arbiter is searching in the bathroom for Jon's PlayStation Portable. Instead, Arbiter finds Master Chief, high on top of the metal pole in Jon's shower. Chief has climbed up to the top of the bar in disgust at Greg spraying his webs everywhere and decides to use the opporitunity to turn the ropes into a noose in hopes of having Jon hang himself (or more appropriately his penis) in shame for him working on the show despite him being 24 years old. Arbiter then tells Chief that he wouldn't be looking for the PSP Go if the disc for Halo: Reach hadn't stopped reading, causing Chief to lose his balance and fall in the tub.


Episode How-TosEdit

  • HOW TO break me off a piece of that PSP
  • HOW TO solve all of your problems quickly in a reasonable way
  • HOW TO be well hung
  • HOW TO take a wild guest to the movies
  • HOW TO roll in the bitches

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"Well Hung"

"Well Hung"