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Scene 1: Jon's BathroomEdit

Arbiter is searching in the bathroom for Jon's PlayStation Portable, or Chief.

  • Arbiter: Chief? You in here? Have you seen Jon's PSP lying around anywhere? The white PSP Go.
  • Chief: no arbitur, i hasnt s33n jons gaystation go / sry, "gaystation gay"

Arbiter then finds Chief hanging on top of the metal pole in Jon's shower, holding a noose made out of Greg's spider webs.

  • Chief: if i did i w00d has snapped that shit liek a fucking kitkat / zune handled is best handeld / PRAISE MS
  • Arbiter: How did you get up there?
  • Chief: taek a wild guest.
  • Arbiter: Where? To the movies?
  • Chief: fucking faggot greg shotting webs all ovar the goddamn apartment / its fucking disgusting / thats liek if i just runned around b33ting off and nutting all ovar the plaece all fucking day
  • Arbiter: But that's exactly what you do.
  • Arbiter: Please fall. What is it exactly that you're doing, anyway?
  • Chief: jon is thirty sevin y33rs old and still films himself playeing w/ dolls, arbitur. in just saeving him sum tiems, thats all / just saeving him a bits of tiemes.
  • Arbiter: He's twenty-four in May.
  • Chief: so? its still fucking pathetick ROFL / does he evin gots a grillfriend?
  • Arbiter: Yes because you're rolling in the bitches, aren't you?
  • Chief: hell yeah mother fucker / i pound the pu$$y so gud / /flex >:D
  • Arbiter: I don't think Jon's gonna be able to fit his head through that loop.
  • Chief: its not foar his neck its foar his balls / lmao arbitur ur so silly / silly billy
  • Arbiter: Lovely image. But either way, that's hardly gonna suspend him -- he's just gonna smash his head off of the bath.
  • Chief: arbitur shut up ull jinx it lol / u f33l liek playing sum halos, bitch?/
  • Arbiter: I would if the Reach disc hadn't just stopped reading.

When Chief starts losing balance after what he heard about the Reach disc, he has a nasty fall in the bathtub.

  • Chief: OW
  • Arbiter: Trolled.
  • Chief: :'(

End credits.