Xanthar / Zanthar
Xanthar, as he appeared in "King"
Voice Actor Jon Graham
Gender Male
Affiliations Space Allens
First Appearance "King"
Last Appearance "Warhead"
Status: Alive
Online Status N/A
Gamertag None

Xanthar, alternatively known as Zanthar, is an alien rapist that was responsible for the mysterious disappearance of Todd and Travis, and later Cortana.

Xanthar is named differently in the credits for each episode he appears in, being listed simply as "Alien" in "King", "Zanthar" in "Triple Fault", and "Xanthar" in "Warhead", his last appearance.

Season 3Edit

Xanthar was responsible for the previously unexplained disappearances of Todd, Travis and Cortana, abducting them and bringing them on board his space ship.

In "King", Xanthar is seen on-board his ship with the three action figures, his location being given as "Gamma Quadrant, Zeegok Sector 849-G6X3000, 394.6 million billion trillion light years away from Earth". Xanthar claimed to have abducted the toys "for no reason", and after letting Todd and Travis play one more game of Halo, he raped the two before eating them alive. Afterwards, Cortana was put in to an escape pod and fired into the center of an alien sun, since he had no interest in females.

Season 8Edit

Xanthar returned in the first act of season 8, as part of Master Chief and The Arbiter's subconscious state before waking up in their packaging. He was in control of an alien race, the Space Allens, who he instructed to board the cargo ship, Truth & Reconciliation, and bring any survivors to be anally raped.

The alien sent a transmission to the Truth & Reconciliation, which was answered by Arbiter, the only remaining survivor, and he informed the Allens of his presence on board.

Footnotes Edit